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"Sound financial coaching...

                                           your best future investment"

Royal City Asset Management (RCAM) provides objective financial, estate and investment planning for their clients.

RCAMís mandate is to help clients develop sound financial goals. Special emphasis is placed on ensuring that financial planning goals are satisfied at every stage of a client's "financial life-cycle". RCAM is also committed to ensuring that retirement, estate planning and related taxation issues complement client strategies.

We are not a financial institution. Nor do we represent any single bank, trust company, life insurer or investment firm. RCAM advisors have the freedom to survey the marketplace and determine those products that best serve the unique needs of each client.

RCAM offers clients a diversified selection of investments. Investments may vary depending on client needs from Mutual Funds, GICs, Segregated Funds and Referral Agreements available to us through FundEX Investments Inc.

A referral is the highest compliment our clients can give us. Thank you to those who have entrusted us with this honour and responsibility.